Between, 2015
We are a small non-profit company of artists creating original immersive, interactive and physical theatre for the north shore of Massachusetts.

The 5th Wall thrives on collaboration and experimentation. With every project, the life of the play inspires a new creative process. We pursue innovative techniques that challenge us; pushing our limits to constantly advance our aspirations as a company to create high-quality and compelling immersive theatre.

Merging installation, interactive and physical theatre, attendees at our shows are more than an audience: they are a character in the story. Our shows exist in the delicate suspension between reality and the fantastical: gently coaxing out the inner child while holding up a fragile mirror to life. The spirit of our work is to create a safe space to invite both actor and audience to invent stories and play. Through this approach, every singular performance is a unique experience known only to those who were present.

By working with non-traditional methods and inviting child-like play into the lives of our audiences of all ages, we hope to transform the way you experience theatre.