Bekah Jordan

Executive Artistic Director


Bekah is a writer, designer, installation and theatre artist who has a love for experimentation and a knack for not following the rules. Her first experience with intimate immersive theatre was at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. Simply put: the experience was honest, extremely personal and yet communal, and it didn’t follow “the rules” of traditional theatre. And so, it was meant to be. Reeling through the months after returning home, she dedicated herself to the creation of this type of theatre, experimenting for her college thesis to combine the intimate immersive style with a devising method. Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback, The 5th Wall found its name and she’s been exploring, creating, devising, re-inventing spaces and learning on her feet ever since.

A wearer of many hats, Bekah has had a thumb in pretty much every theatre pie over her career: including producing, technical directing, stage management, set design, carpentry and installation, costume and props design, lighting and electrics, marketing and logo design, acting, playwriting, and her favorite hat: production director. Her directing credits include The Wells of Fancy Dry, Midnight Streetlight Smalltown, The Quiet Room, BodyBodyBODY, Between and The Star for The 5th Wall. She directed and taught children’s theatre for the Y of the North Shore’s Creative Arts Department for seven years. Bekah has multiple film credits in just about as many different technical and creative roles. Currently she is directing and producing experimental indie short film You Can Call Me Light.

Bekah graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts with minors in Philosophy and English Literature. These areas of study heavily impact the work created by The 5th Wall, which have a consistent undercurrent of literary influence and existential yearning. But the most transformative aspect of theatre for Bekah is the idea of child-like play: pure wonder and abandon and joy– and how can we get back to the place where we all knew how to play? She believes in healing and restoration through creation: with artists and audience alike.

After several years of trials battling leukemia and undergoing a life-saving stem cell transplant in 2013, Bekah is finally making her way back to where she belongs. Contact: bekah@the5thwall.org

Rachel Gawlak

Actor, Co-Founder

rachel_headshot2015“I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.” – Pina Bausch

An acute observer of people and all that motivates them, Rachel has spent her life seeking to link her classical dance training with her love for people and their stories. In her college studies Rachel explored physical movement through acting, directing, and choreography, and eventually embarked on a four-year self-study of the power of language, body, and memory. The result was an original one-woman show, I Spoke Too Soon, in which Rachel spoke directly to the audience while sitting center stage on a toilet. It was this newfound passion for interactive physical theatre that piqued Rachel’s curiosity about Bekah’s thesis show. She originated the role of the 5-year-old girl in The Wells of Fancy Dry, which is still one of her favorite characters she has ever portrayed.

Rachel has also performed in every company production to date; including Midnight Streetlight Smalltown as Kathy, the quintessential homecoming queen. She contributed as both movement director and actor in The Quiet Room and Walk with Me, and was delighted to take up once again the role of the little girl from Wells in the new prequel Between. Most recently she played the role of Miriam in The 5th Wall’s The Star in 2017.

Taylor Jones


taylorJheadshot2016 copyActing is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.  It was this imagination, the earnestness of pretending and childlike energy of The 5th Wall that first drew Taylor in.  But it was the company’s ability to create new worlds for audiences in a safe interactive space that keeps him coming back.

Ever since he saw Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, Taylor has loved interactive and promenade style theatre. He has since followed Punchdrunk and many other immersive companies closely, inspired by their allowance for the audience to make their own decisions in a style similar to a video game. Taylor’s love for theatre bleeds into the rest of his life: it’s for these same reasons he is passionate for sci-fi and fantasy.

Taylor is an alumni of the National Theater Institute, a rigorous approach to theater training covering a broad range of styles and techniques at the 2010 Tony Award winning Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.  He also had the opportunity to do an intensive in London with Jaques Lecoq based company Complicite, including a masterclass with Simon McBurney. Taylor has his BA in Theatre Arts from Gordon College and ran their British Theater Seminar abroad program, based in London and Edinburgh, for four years.

Taylor is currently stationed in Seattle pursuing his MFA through the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, class of 2019.

John Dixon Mirisola

Storyteller, Playwright

john_2016John writes short prosy things, mostly: stories, poems without line breaks, a mosaic novel, etc. Occasionally, he writes for the stage. Recent contributions include the collaborative writing of The Quiet Room, the devising Midnight Streetlight Smalltown, as well as a number of scene suggestions at improv comedy shows around Boston’s North Shore.

He considers it a gift to watch a few phrases or ideas turn into real moving things right in front of him, becoming something he couldn’t have imagined or controlled when he shouted out, “they’re in the belly of a whale!” or “maybe Quentin’s playing chess with an audience member,” or whatever. For John, who sometimes gets a little stir-crazy sitting there writing stuff all alone, it’s about creating in a community, for a community. The script stops mattering once people of immeasurably more theatrical talent than himself take the stuff that rattles out of his head and turn it into a true Moment, something meaningful and memorable. He works with The 5th Wall in this same spirit: here are some dull, leaden words; you all are alchemists.

John received his MFA in fiction at the University of California, Riverside; and he and his wife Christine have returned once again to the East Coast.

Joy Jordan


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Cassandra West

Producer, Designer

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Maddison Shea

Stage Manager

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