The Star (2017)
Follow the story of Nasirah: a chronically ill woman who is part of a nomadic tribe living west of the Dead Sea in first century Judea. Unmarried and alone, she relies on her tribe to care for her. When they entertain strange guests from the East, for the first time someone truly takes notice of her. She must decide whether to take on a new offering and allow it to alter her life forever. The Star was an interdisciplinary collaboration with Mattson Visual Design and Gordon College, and was part of Christmas at Gordon, 2017.

Walk With Me (2016)
Partnering with local nonprofit organization ArtSpeak and their mission to unite community for the renewal of human dignity through a celebration of the arts; this production explores the journey of human trafficking and beginnings of the life-long rebuilding of the too-small margin of women who manage to escape. Trigger warning: Addresses exploitation, drug use and physical/emotional abuse.

Between (2015)
The prequel to The Wells of Fancy Dry, this is the story of a world somewhere before after. An enchanting meeting place were worlds collide and tall-tales become reality. We play and the garden reveals its secrets: hiding places, a battleground, a magical place of make-believe. But this girl’s imagination may be more than it seems.

BodyBodyBODY (2015)
The second installation: this time set in a historic mansion. In 1942, and elite group of socialites have been invited to a fundraiser for the Bureau for the Arts, hosted at the estate of a recluse nouveau riche widow Adra Williamson, who has not been seen since her husband mysteriously died six months after their precipitated marriage. After a welcoming reception of food and drink and merriment, guests are guided into the conservatory where they are locked in with a foreboding masked man…who has something else in mind for the evening. A deck of cards is handed out. The lights of the mansion are unexpectedly extinguished. Hushed secrets, love letters and ghosts uncover clues that piece together a plot of possible demise. And one of the guests…is a murderer.

The Quiet Room (2014)
An antique racquetball court transforms into a cluttered philosopher’s library where we journey the universe of a curious man torn between poetry and chaos; his existential fears and his marriage.

BodyBodyBODY (2014)
A good Halloween spook inspired by the party game. This show lets audiences wander the dark halls of a haunted church. If that wasn’t scary enough, our numbers are dwindling as more murders and ghosts are discovered. There’s a killer among us, but can we reveal them before it’s too late?

Midnight Streetlight Smalltown (2013)
The year is 1957, one week after the momentous launch of Sputnik. We are the Beverly High School senior class at a Homecoming Dance after-party at the local hangout. When a terse rivalry with the Salem High School football team comes to a head, we must decide what to do.

The Wells of Fancy Dry (2012)
Come meet a father, a child, and her imaginary friend. This playful show relies on audience participation in games and child-like wonder as we enter the world through the eyes of a young girl. But grief shadows her father as he attempts to normalize their altered life.